Gandra to resign District Congress post

Peeved by the denial of Parakala ticket to his wife, Congress chief whip Gandra Venkatramana Reddy has decided to quit the post of District Congress President.

Gandra, who met CM Kiran Kumar Reddy as a last ditch effort to secure ticket for his wife, was not offered any hope by the latter. Instead, CM Kiran has counseled Gandra that there is no hope of Congress winning the Parakala seat, and hence there is no need to feel bad about not getting the ticket.

CM Kiran’s words prove beyond doubt that Congress is not in a position to give even tough contest in Parakala. If Gandra couple decide to stay away from the election, it will be difficult for Congress to even retain deposit here.

Sources say that Gandra Venkataramana Reddy was both shocked and pained by the way Congress party high command has dealt with the whole issue. He is unable to digest the fact that despite risking his political future by siding with the Kiran government, and issuing anti-Telangana statements, the party has cheated him.

What pained Gandra the most was that CM Kiran and PCC Chief Botsa had both promised that Gandra Jyothy would be given the Parakala seat about 4-5 months back. And believing these two leaders, Gandra couple have conducted several programs in Parakala. They have also spent a lot of money for their campaign.

But, internal politics in Warangala district Congress resulted in a last-minute change in Parakala Congress candidate. It is learnt that state Ministers Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Basvaraju Saraiah, MP Siricilla Rajaiah played an important role in the denial of ticket to Gandra Jyothy.

Adding insult to injury, Congress hurriedly inducted an ex-TDP leader named Sambari Samma Rao and gave him the Parakala ticket. And this humiliating incident has led to Gandra’s decision to resign to the post of DCC president.

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