Paddy procurement by Telangana government begins.


The Telangana government, as promised by CM KCR,  has opened up Paddy procurement centers.

R&B  minister Mr Prashanth Reddy started the first procurement centre at Velpur in Nizamabad district.
The Telangana government is offering an MSP of Rs 1960 and Rs 1940 respectively for A and B quality of paddy.
The Telangana government is spending Rs 15000 crore for the purpose and every farmer will get money into their bank accounts directly within 24 hours.
The state government will plan in its way about proceed paddy disbursement later.
Having waited and protested for paddy procurement by the BJP government, the ruling TRS government itself has decided to come to the rescue of farmers who were only misled by the BJP leaders. They made false promises and instigated farmers to grow paddy but now gave away their responsibility.
The Telangana farmers now got a clear understanding of evil designs of BJP leaders who are just eyeing for power in Telangana just provoking people one against the other.
The chief minister Mr KCR has been telling that the power and irrigation has improved. So also the agricultural produce increased in Telangana. But the BJP did not care to respect his word or learn how it did?
The ruling TRS government was forced to take to the streets on behalf of farmers which is unfortunate in a democracy.
The central government has a responsibility of procuring agricultural produce as per food security act and also other constitutional provisions.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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