The central govt once again discriminated against Telangana state.


The central government that has decided to set up 22 new Software Technology Parks of India (STPIs) has not sanctioned even a single one to Telangana state. The central minister Mr Rajeev Chandrasekar has said the government of India established 62 STPI centres across the country to promote IT and ITES. According to him, there are 246 BPO and ITES centers across 27 states employing over 50,000 people as of now.
Now BJP central government decided to set up 22 new STPIs in Tier II and III cities but not a single one in Telangana state.
Since the BJP came to power, though the ruling TRS government in Telangana extended its full cooperation, the BJP has failed to reciprocate. Moreover, it started showing vengeance against the Telangana government. It also canceled the ITIR project and despite repeated requests from the Telangana government, it did not pay any heed.
Having failed to bring funds or any new projects to the state, the local BJP leaders proved a burden to the people of Telangana  They are engaged in making uncharitable remarks against chief minister Mr KCR and his family members and making false claims. They are just dreaming that they will come to power in Telangana in the next elections just by criticizing the ruling TRS government.
No BJP MP or BJP Central minister from Telangana asked the centre why not a single STPI was sanctioned to Telangana.
The refusal of paddy procurement by the BJP government thoroughly empowered the people of Telangana and they are now virtually chasing away the BJP leaders. People realized the empty promises of BJP.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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