Opposition leaders are busy with padayatras in Telangana.

The farmers are busy harvesting, the labour is busy with a handful of work, youth are busy preparing for examinations with the job notifications. The ruling party leaders are busy with governance.

But the BJP, Congress, and BSP leaders are busy with their padayatra with no aim but just to grab the power and unseat the ruling TRS party.

However, nobody seems to be taking note of their padayatras. Mr Sharmila, R S Praveen Kumar, and soon Bandi Sanjay will be on the roads. Neither the people nor the media evince any interest in their rhetoric that is restricted to just criticising the TRS party, chief minister Mr KCR and his family members.

What does Sharmila have to say to people? During her father’s regime, the valuable lands of Telangana were sold out. What RS Praveen has to say is batting just for a little SC population. What does Mr Bandi Sanjay has to say who failed to bring a single project or funds for the fledgling state?

Being a union minister for three years, what did Mr G Kishan Reddy bring to Telangana? Did he get any money even after the historic Ramappa temple got UNESCO tag? Did he bring any new tourism circuit?

The rhetoric of Opposition leaders is the same – just criticise Mr KCR and aim for power in Telangana. They think it is fertile ground for them which is untrue. People are still with Mr KCR and he is certain to retain his power once again undoubtedly.

Mr Chandrasekhar Rao himself during one of his media conferences asserted that the Padayatra culture lost its relevance now and it is outdated. “Living up to the expectations of people is important and delivery of promise is what matters,” he pointed out.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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