Open Letter to the Candle-Light Revolutionary

(This is in response to a few Anna-Hazare followers, who tried to ridicule Telangana movement)


Mr.Candle-Light Revolutionary
Jan Lokpal Apartments,
Anna Hazare Colony,

Thanks for trying to make a mockery out of my Telangana agitation ignoring it’s six decade long, undaunted spirit. While you had compared my agitation with Jan Lokpal movement and ridiculed us for dying out, I had answered you in silence, only to wait for an appropriate time. I realized that it’s time for me to pay you back in your own coin. If you could (presumably) introspect the Lokpal movement (so called), I’m sure you would find the answers I had for you. To make your introspection effortless, here are a couple of questions (similarly fashioned on the lines you asked about my Telangana agitation mockingly).

Why did Anna Hazare’s show flop in Mumbai unlike in Delhi, where Lokpal’veri’ had gripped the so called candle-light revolutionaries like you across India?

Why did your fellow “I am Anna”ites reduce to less than 300 from dozens of thousands in just eight months?

Did you run out of candles so soon or is it your spirit that lost it’s steam?

Did you realize that sustaining a revolutionary movement is not as easy a candle-light dinner by the poolside on a Friday evening?

Are your fellow candle-light revolutionaries under the impression that corruption has come to an end already or are they preoccupied with their own lives so much so that corruption is no longer a priority in their life?

Do you or any of your fellow candle-light revolutionaries know why Anna Hazare has fasted in-vain for less than two days before calling it quits?

Do you or any of your fellow candle-light revolutionaries know the basic differences/similarities in the Lokpal bill proposed by Anna and the one by Government. Or is it just for the heck of being uber-cool that you’ve come out onto streets eight months ago?

Hope these questions light up your dimwits!

Thirmal Reddy Sunkari
Highly Passive Supporter Of Telangana Agitation
(I call myself passive because I don’t light candles and just assume it’s a revolution happening)

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