Nothing wrong in CM KCR revealing details of MLAs poaching case to media: Telangana counsel in Supreme Court

The BJP tried to poach the MLAs belonging to BRS party in Telangana and as a party chief Mr KCR expressed his concern to the media. There was nothing wrong in doing so. Counsel for Telangana state government in the farmhouse scandal case, Mr Dushyant Dave putting his argument before the Supreme Court apologised when the bench expressed its displeasure over Mr KCR sending the audio and video tapes to judges across the country.

However, he pointed out that the cases being pursued by the CBI are being telecast by the electronic media and published by print media. He said the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the State government had got important evidence and hence the case should be withdrawn from CBI and entrusted to SIT again. It was not proper to go by the dictates of the accused, he opined.

Mr Dave urged the Supreme Court to order for SIT inquiry under the supervision of the High Court.
He further wanted the bench to take into consideration the conspiracy hatched by the BJP to topple the government in Telangana. The police caught the accused red-handed and they have got indisputable evidence.

The BJP government at the centre had foisted 35 important cases on leaders of opposition parties across the country and the motive behind doing so should also be taken into consideration by the bench, he argued.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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