No Work, Full Pay For Lanco

Pic: Project Site which clearly shows Lanco’s fraud

We know the childhood fable of an emperor who was fooled by cloth weavers that they would weave the best cloth, and ended up with nothing. A similar incident happened in reality. This time it was not the fabled weavers, but the famed land grabber businessman Lagadapati.

His company, Lanco Infrastructure successfully bid for a 1.5km ghat road near the Srisailam dam connecting Mahabubnagar with Kurnool.

Instead of starting the work, the company simply dumped some road building material and some drain pipes at the site in 2003, which created an impression as if some work is going on. However, while the road is not yet built as of today, Lagadapati’s company has already drawn more than Rs.6.5 crores from the Government in 2005 stating the work is completed.

This shocking issue came to light when a Telangana student leader, J.Raju sought information under the RTI act.

Interestingly, all the Government officials involved in the project had certified that the road work is complete, when in reality the actual project site is filled with shrubs and thorny bushes. This is how Lagadapati Rajgopal, who speaks about how his company is involved in development projects, embezzled funds out of a Telangana project.

An inquiry is in progress with the Lok Ayuktha and there are demands to file a criminal case against Lagadapati’s Lanco company.


Read more about Lagadapati’s scams here:

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