Sushma Hauls UPA Over The Coals

Leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj made a blistering attack on the Congress led UPA government for its continued betrayal of Telangana people.

Speaking in Lok Sabha as a part of Calling Attention Motion on Telangana issue, Sushma Swaraj urged the UPA government to introduce the statehood bill immediately and assured the ruling coalition of complete support.

Earlier, Sushma narrated the history of Telangana region with amazing detail. She recounted how the people of Telangana got independence a full one year after the rest of India got independent. She mentioned how Telangana was forcibly merged with Andhra putting aside the recommendations of First States Reorganization Commission.

Sushma narrated how one agreement after another were broken in the last 6 decades. She read out the various assurances and statements made by UPA-1 on the Telangana issue.

Sushma then read out the 9th December 2009 statement made by Home Minister P. Chidambaram. She blasted PC for going back on his word within 14 days.

Sushma then aimed her guns at the Justice Srikrishna Committee. Addressing speaker Meira Kumar she said “Madam Speaker, you would be shocked to know what Srikrishna Committee has written in its secret report”. She continued by saying ‘people of Telangana will never forget the injustice done by justice Srikrishna Commision.

She read out the damning excerpts from the secret chapter of Srikrishna Committee that advised Political Management and Media Management. She demanded an explanation from Chidambaram on the secret 8th Chapter.

Sushma mentioned about the scores of suicides for Telangana cause. She read out some touching lines from the suicide note of martyr Yadi Reddy, who committed suicide in front of Parliament recently.

Finally, Sushma appealed to Telangana youth, not to end their lives, but live to see their dream come true.

Kavuri Sambashiva Rao, the businessman politician from Seemandhra repeatedly tried to interrupt Sushma’s speech. But, the fire brand BJP leader gave spontaneous replies and silenced him.

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