New policy soon to check land disputes, grabbing

The government will take suitable steps to resolve the land-related disputes and land-grabbing in the state, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said. At a review meeting on the revenue department at his camp office here on Thursday, Rao asked the officials to prepare a policy to minimise land disputes and land-grabbing in the state.

“A single piece of land is being registered several times in the state. The details in the Pattadar passbook and the ownership of land are often at variance. There is also confusion on assigned lands. Several cases of land-related issues have been pending in courts for years,” he said and wanted the officials to come out with a policy to end this confusion.

Rao also observed that there was no clarity on the ownership of assigned lands, ceiling lands and Bhudan lands too. “There is no match between the situation on the ground and the details in government records,” he said.

“To end land-related disputes, the records should be made perfect. Details of every acre of land should be entered into the records,” he told the officials and asked them to come out with a good policy. Senior officials of revenue department and district collectors should make suitable suggestions for preparing the new policy for the land records, Rao said. Rao called up officials of revenue divisions to know the actual situation on land laws and the existing situation on the ground.

All the land-related records should be purified and they should be computerised, Rao suggested.

Rao also enquired about the progress of distribution of three acres of land to each Dalit family. Land ceiling issues in Hyderabad and Warangal cities will be entrusted to the district collectors.

Source: The New Indian Express

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