Muthyaladhara Waterfalls, another hidden treasure of Telangana

Many spots of tourist attraction are being explored now after formation of Telangana State.


Bogotha waterfalls and Muthyaladhara waterfalls are newly explored scenic beauty spots of erstwhile Warangal district. The Muthyaladhara came to light recently and is described as second highest waterfall in the country.

Eco tourism coordinator of forest department K Suman said it is located bordering Chattisgarh and Telangana states. It is near Venkatapuram Mandal and can be reached by trekking seven kilometer inside forest.The forest department arranges for trek and details can be had by contacting Mr suman over 7382619363.

A trip to Muthyaldhara waterfall gives a good experience worth treasuring memory.

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