Muslims and BCs facing misery, T formation indispensable

No force can stop Telangana formation. Telangana formation is sure before 2014 but the public representatives who are politicising Telangana issue seem scared of Telangana formation. Addressing the 78th talk of Telangana Resources Centre entitled ‘Delhi Core Committee’s decision on Telangana’, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Siasat Managing editor expressed these views.

Prof. Hari Gopal, P Yadgiri, Captain L Pandu Ranga Reddy, T Vivek Chairman Telangana Commercial Tax JAC and others addressed the talk. Telangana Resource Centre organisers arranged Iftar and congregational Maghrib prayer for the participants and speakers.

Speaking further Mr. Zaheer Uddin Ali Khan claimed that no politician is thinking about more than 1000 youth who sacrificed their lives for Telangana movement. He maintained that Muslims and backward Classes are facing misery in Telangana region. He asserted that as a Muslim he has the foremost responsibility to try to eliminate educational, economic and social backwardness of Muslims.

Courtesy: Siasat

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