Muharram draws state attention

Muharram, which is popularly known as ‘Peerla’ or ‘Sawarila’ panduga, has caught the state government’s attention in the newly-formed Telangana state, which was ruled by Nizams in the past.

The sounds of the traditional ‘dappu’ and ‘shehanai’ have started reverberating in urban, rural and tribal areas alike in the last few days.

Minister for marketing and major irrigation T. Harish Rao will attend the programme to be held marking Muharram at Ruyyadi village in Talamadugu mandal on November 4 and this indicates that the government has interest in observing the day of mourning.

Peerla Panduga is observed by all minorities — SCs, STs, BCs, in Telangana since long.

Ruyyadi ‘Hasan and Hussain’ temple president Lok Bhuma Reddy said the Sawarila Panduga was being observed at Ruyyadi for the last 150 years. He said that the day of martyrdom was being observed since his forefathers and that he was associated with it for the last 40 years.

This year, the temple committee invited minister Harish Rao as the chief guest for the programme at Ruyyadi. Minorities from north Telangana districts and neighbouring Maharashtra will take part in the programme in thousands every year.

It is believed that ‘Savarilu’ who are asleep all through the year at ‘Sawari bungalows’ or specailly places designated for them would wake up to take part in the ten-day programme observed during Muharram. Of the 10 days, the day of ‘Malidalu’ is considered auspicious and devotees offer prayers at ‘Hasan- Hussain’ temples seeking blessings of the divine. Eraveni Pochanna’s family has been organising the Muharram programme at the Rickshaw Colony in Adilabdad town since long.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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