Mr Modi’s government unveils another conspiracy against farmers over MSP.

Prime Minister Mr Modi seems to be hell-bent on implementing his draconian laws against the farmers which he said he was withdrawing.

Silently, the central government constituted a committee with 29 members mostly BJP public representatives, and kept vacant three seats for representatives of farmers’ associations.

In the guise of reforms in the marketing system, the government wants to bring in the same legislations again without touching the much-wanted Minimum Support Price (MSP) and disturbing the existing marketing system that is congenial to farmers.

Following the year-long protests by farmers of various associations, Mr Modi himself begged for pardon and agreed to withdraw the draconian laws against farmers on November 19, 2021. But now silently again Mr Modi’s government issued a notification on July 12, 2022 constituting a 29-member committee to study the same laws. There are 21 BJP members, five members in the guise of farmers belonging to the BJP, and three vacancies left for Kisan Morcha.

The committee is expected to study how to strengthen organic farming (already there was a committee on this), how to assess cost of cultivation (already there was a committee on this), and how to implement the MSP in a transparent manner.

Farmers leader Mr Rakesh Tikaiat strongly opposed the committee and demanded that Mr Modi should first keep up his promise of bringing out legislation on MSP and revive the mandi system in Bihar. The farmers should have the freedom to produce and sell anything anywhere rather dictated by corporate companies.

He called for a massive protest over the committee and rest not until the central government guarantees MSP to farmers.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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