Modi’s government posed danger to the existence of states, CM Mr KCR.

The vengeance with which the BJP is ruling the country discriminating against non-BJP states posed a great threat to the existence of states.

Mr Modi diluted the democracy completely and proved a failure to the people of the country.

The Telangana chief minister Mr KCR who met former Prime Minister Mr H D Deve Gowda and former chief minister of Karnataka Mr H D Kumara Swamy in Bangalore on Thursday held extensive discussions.

They closeted for more than two and half hours discussing the present political scenario and forging an alliance of all anti-BJP parties in the country.

Mr KCR pointed out that the internal bickerings and weak organisation of Congress had come in handy to the BJP and taking advantage, BJP is going with a killing instinct. It has been toppling the democratically elected governments in states and refusing to give a due share in development and funds to the non-BJP states.

The Telangana chief minister said he was in favour of coming up with an agenda that is people friendly which ultimately results in bringing the anti-BJP parties together. “People and their welfare should be agenda. It is time that the BJP should go now. It proved itself as anti-people,” he pointed out.

He also briefed Mr Deve Gowda about his Delhi and Punjab tour. Mr Deve Gowda asked Mr KCR to go ahead with his plans and that he would support him always.

The former Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of Mr KCR in turning the Telangana into a role model in the country.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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