Lakhs of netizens of Telangana and Tamil Nadu chide Mr Modi

Perhaps no other Prime Minister was trolled as much as Mr Modi during his tour to Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

Over four lakh netizens took to Twitter posing questions to Mr Modi describing him as fascist and what he did to their respective states so far.

While Go back Modi with hashtag trended four lakh times, fascist Modi with hashtag trended over one lakh times. Both slogans trended for more than 21 hours across the globe on Twitter on Thursday.

One netizen posted is it your business to develop railway stations and then sell them to Mr Adani and Ambani? Another netizen said what is the agenda of BJP – is it divide Hindu and Muslim, Mandir – Masjid and erase the Urdu language, and scrap minority reservations? Another netizen said if Mr Modi is aware of spiraling prices and the plight of middle-class people in the country.

Those from Telangana sought to know with what audacity he came to Telangana? What did he do to Telangana during his regime in the past eight years? Why did he cancel ITIR project sanctioned by former Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh.

They also wanted to know what happened to the railway coach factory to Kazipet, Bayyaram Steel Factory and why he did not sanction a single educational institution in Telangana.

The majority of the netizens came up with their best adding their creativity.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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