Modi draws inspiration from Telangana’s Mission Bhagiratha, Minister KTR.

Telangana Municipal Administration minister Mr KTR reacting to the tweet by the senior journalist Mr Sekhar Gupta mentioning that the Mr Modi was striving to providing drinking water to 45 per cent of homes in Goa, Telangana, UP and other states, has said Mr Modi has nothing to do with the drinking water scheme in Telangana .
It was the Telangana government that ensured tap water across the state through its Mission Bhagiratha scheme and central government and 11other states in the country drew inspiration for Telangana government’s initiative.
While hailing the Telangana government’s commitment and performance, Mr Gupta went on crediting Mr Modi for his initiative through Har Ghar Jal which was nothing but a replication of Telangana government’s Mission Bhagiratha scheme.
However, he also went on acknowledging the Telangana government’s housing for the poor as effective and generous.
Mr KTR said he was sorry for disappointing him for giving credit to Modi and showering encomiums on him.

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