BJP’s deeksha on unemployment is political opportunism, minister KTR.

The proposed protest demanding job notification for unemployed youth by the BJP state president Bandi Sanjay was nothing but to gain political mileage, said Telangana IT minister Mr KTR.

He described it as shameless opportunism as Mr Modi who promised two crore jobs failed to do so but the same party was demanding jobs from Telangana government that has already provided jobs in government and private sectors.

Mr Rama Rao said the unemployment rate under the NDA government has risen phenomenally in the last 40 years that was never witnessed.

The BJP’s decisions such as demonetisation and GST resulted in the loss of jobs of crores of people in the country. They have resulted in the closure of many businesses rendering people jobless across the country.

The IT minister Mr KTR also sought to know why the NDA canceled the ITIR project in Hyderabad that would have produced many jobs and resulted in the development of IT sector. Many youths are waiting for job opportunities in IT sector but the BJP remained cold without any shame.

“It is not Telangana government that has given more government jobs than promised, it is the central government that has put millions of jobs on hold,” Mr Rama Rao pointed out.

The Prime Minister should be asked why the 15 lakh vacancies under the Central Government have not yet been filled, he said.

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