BJP resorting to shameless criticism and unethical politics.

Leaders cutting across their political ideologies and the general public condemned the criticism of BJP leader who tried to drag the son of IT Minister Mr K T Rama Rao.

The BJP leader Teenmaar Mallanna alias Chintapandu Naveen who claims to be a journalist insulted Mr KTR’s son during his show on his youtube channel which came in for sharp criticism.

Senior journalist Allam Narayana said it was unethical for a journalist to do so. “That is not the language of a journalist and we condemned such acts,” he said.

MLA A Jeevan Reddy warned the BJP leader, self proclaimed journalist Chintapandu Naveen to control his tongue and not to resort to cheap publicity by criticizing ruling party leaders. “Is this called freedom of the press? Can you talk as you like in the name of freedom of speech?” he sought to know.

YSR Telangana Party president Ms Sharmila strongly objected to the remarks and found fault with the BJP leader for dragging the family members of the political opponents.

Minister Mr K T Rama Rao was pained at the remarks dragging his son and remarked if it was wrong to be in public life. He said they could answer with the same intensity and vigour but their civility does not allow them to do so.

Scores of the general public expressed their ire at the mention of Mr KTR’s son by the BJP leader ‘Teenmaar Mallanna’ and described him as a shameless person.

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