Minister Mr KTR holds a review meeting at Sircilla district collectorate.

In view of heavy rains and overflowing streams and projects, the IT & municipal administration minister Mr KTR held a meeting the district officials in Sircilla.
He urged them to be strict while discharging duties and ensure that there is no loss of life and property.
Mr KTR asked officials to demolish old unused houses, close down defunct borewells and open wells. The revenue and police officials were asked to inform people downstream while releasing water from projects.
The municipal officials were asked to prevent contamination of water and supply safe drinking water to people. They should also focus more on sanitation in small towns and villages.
He asked officials to barricade and put up warning boards at the places of construction.
Mr KTR wanted the collector and SP and other officials to be alert and not to be complacent.
He wanted police, revenue, municipal and irrigation personnel to work with coordination and not to leave anything to chance.
Mr KTR also instructed the elected public representatives to join the efforts of officials and personally oversee the rescue and rehabilitation works.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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