Minister KTR expresses concern over reorganisation of Lok Sabha seats.

The population control methods and discipline adopted by the Southern states prove detrimental to them. The States will be denied proportionate representation in the Lok Sabha while northern states stand to gain.

Mr K T Rama Rao said the present Lok Sabha seats were determined on the basis of the 1971 census and there was no reorganisation for 40 years. As a result against 10 lakh population per seat, each Parliamentary constituency has about 22 lakh population per seat on average.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are 28 lakh people per constituency while in Rajasthan there are 31 lakh people for each Parliamentary constituency. As per the latest national family survey, Bihar registered a 3.1 percent population growth.

The earlier reorganisation of Lok Sabha seats was meant to be in vogue between 1972 to 2000 and was decided to take a relook after. Meanwhile, the Southern states followed strict population control methods. As a result, the number of voters in Northern India increased phenomenally and the NDA government postponed the reorganisation of Parliamentary constituencies to 2026.

Mr Rama Rao pointed out that when the Assembly constituencies were reorganised, it was decided to ensure a minimum of two lakh population each.

If the Parliamentary seats are reorganised, the number of seats will go up to 888 in 2026. Then the present 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP will go up to 154 which is 92 percent of total Lok Sabha seats.

The seats in Rajasthan will double from 25 to 52 by 2026.

However, in Telangana, the Lok Sabha seats which are 17 will go up to 25 which means just an increase of 48 percent. In Tamil Nadu, there will be an increase of 28 percent while in Kerala, only one seat will be added.

Mr Rama Rao pointed out that not only do northern states get more seats but they continue to dominate the country. The rulers hailing from the Northern States are imposing the Hindi language and treated the Southerners as second-rate citizens.

The Southern states will face discrimination on all fronts – language, culture, fund allocation, and political representation, Minister Mr Rama Rao said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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