Minister KTR calls Amith Shah a hypocrite.


The TRS working president and IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao described the Union Home Minister Amith Shah as a hypocrite who dubbed Mr KCR as an anti-farmer.

It was the BJP government that copied the Telangana government’s Rythu Bandhu scheme as PM Kishan programme. It was the BJP-led NDA that introduced draconian farm laws which subsequently were withdrawn witnessing the ire of unrelenting farmers.

It was the BJP government that was responsible for the death of 700 farmers who protested against the unscrupulous black farm laws.

Mr Amith Shah who was spewing venom on Telangana government for not adopting the Fasal Bheema Yojana should answer why the same was rejected by Gujarat government as well, Mr KTR posed. When it failed to deliver anything good to the farmers of Gujarat, how does it help the farmers of other states?

Mr Amith Shah should leave hypocrisy and talk plainly.

Being in power in more states and at the Centre, the BJP leaders are stooping to all low in their thirst for power in a few states that are being ruled by non-BJP parties. They have been spreading false propaganda against the TRS government and chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family.

The Central government copied several welfare schemes launched by the Telangana state government such as Mission Bhagiratha naming Jal Shakthi Abhiyan, Arogya Sri as Ayushman Bharath, and many others.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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