Tamil Nadu finance minister P Tyagarajan continues his tirade against Mr Modi.


In his latest tirade against Mr Modi and his government, the Tamil Nadu Finance minister Palanivel Tyagaram fired a series of salvos.

In a recent interview, he sought to know if god is showering the freebies in BJP-ruled states. Mr Modi should answer how it is wrong to provide welfare to people in non-BJP ruled states and why to describe them as freebies. What does he have to say about the BJP-ruled states offering the same to people?

Mr Tyagarajan pointed out that the Uttar Pradesh government is offering free travel in government buses and what Mr Modi has to say on this.

Mr Modi launched the Anna DMK scheme that offered a 50 percent subsidy on two-wheelers to women in Chennai. What does he think of this scheme then?

Is law or rule different for different political parties in the country? He sought to know from Mr Modi.

Meanwhile, RJD official spokesperson Mr Mrityunjay Tiwari said the welfare schemes that are aimed at uplift of the poor and downtrodden are not freebies. He wanted to know why the BJP is crying over schemes that were aimed at helping the poor.

The only freebie is a waiver of corporate loans. “The promise of bringing back black money and distributing Rs 15 lakh each to the citizens and subsequently forgetting it is real jhumla by Mr Modi,” Mr Tiwari opined.

For quite some time, the BJP and PM Mr Modi with a hunger for power have been targeting the non-BJP ruled states. The BJP leaders want to have their sway all over the country without leaving any space for Opposition parties.

The BJP lead NDA government is resorting to every trick and conspiracy to topple all the democratically elected governments in the states. The government is Enforcement Department, IT, and CBI against those who refused to be tamed by its dictates.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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