Minister K T Rama Rao takes a dig at BJP.

The Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao found fault with the Andhra Pradesh BJP unit president Somu Verraju’s comment over liquor offer.

In his Twitter message, Mr Rama Rao said the statement that if BJP comes to power in Andhra Pradesh it would offer liquor at Rs 50 reflected the moral bankruptcy of the party. He sought to know was it the national policy of BJP or if it was just meant for non-BJP ruled states to gain power luring people with cheap liquor.

It may be noted that the Andhra Pradesh state government recently slashed the prices of liquor perhaps following public demand or to increase its revenue. Immediately responding to the decision, the BJP leader swung into action sensing it would give them political mileage if they too made a better offer to the people and stated that if the BJP voted to power, they would offer liquor at Rs 50. It boomeranged somehow. The BJP leaders maintained silence after that better not to precipitate the matter else damage would be done to the party.

Mr K T Rama Rao saw an opportunity and sought an explanation from the BJP that has been at loggerheads with the TRS government over many issues including the paddy procurement currently.

The BJP leaders lost their face and had no answer over the issue.

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