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Look beyond Hyderabad: KTR urges IT companies at Kakatiya Sandbox Dialogue 

Minister KT Rama Rao took part in the 5th Development Dialogue organised by Kakatiya Sandbox in Nizamabad. KTR delivered a keynote speech on ‘Technology for Impact and Scale’ and also participated in a fireside chat at the event.

Speaking at the event KTR said that India doesn’t have the luxury of leapfrogging but must pole vault to become the top economy in the world. “India is the world’s most populous nation. It has 50% of its population under 25 and 65% under 35. This is the biggest strength we should leverage,” said KTR.

He added that India should ensure discussion around the economy assumes centre-stage and divisive politics takes a backseat. Under the visionary leadership of CM Sri KCR, Telangana got its priorities right. We are the most successful startup in Independent India.

“Telangana emerged as a power-surplus State from being a power deficit one 8 years back. We leveraged the two grand rivers, tanks and lakes to revive agriculture. GDP grew from Rs. 5 lakh crores to Rs. 11.55 lakh crores, punching double our weight in our contribution to the nation’s economy,” the minister said.

KTR recalled that the IT exports grew from Rs. 57,000 crores to Rs. 1.83 lakh crores and the agriculture contribution to GSDP increased by 6% and the sector grew by 120%. “We built the world’s largest lift irrigation project in just 4 years and provided potable drinking water and laid fibre optic cables to every household,” he said.

The minister added that Nizamabad has all the right ingredients to become an attractive IT destination. IT Tower, Kakatiya Sandbox, IIIT Basara, TiE, proximity to Hyderabad, good infrastructure, and mentors make the city an ideal location. He urged all IT companies to look beyond Hyderabad and consider Nizamabad. 

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