Kanti Velugu is going at full steam in the state

The brainchild of CM KCR – Kanti Velugu programme that became very popular among many states is going on at full swing. The second phase of the programme is underway across Telangana now.

Launched by the CM on January 18, till date 12,79,637 people including 625 transgenders got their eye screened, 2,94,224 git free reading glasses and 2,05,305 got prescription glasses. The programme was first launched in 2018 when 1.57 crore people got their eyes screened and 45 lakh people were given free spectacles.

It may be noted that the other day the New Delhi chief minister Aravind Kejriwal came to Telangana to study the programme and impressed by it, he declared that it would be implemented by his government in New Delhi state as well.

The Telangana government has drafted 1500 medical teams and screening two lakh people per day.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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