Like leader, like movement

The fact that a YS Jagan, who is in Chanchalguda jail from past 15 months, has emerged as the sole champion of “Samaikyandhra” demand, speaks volumes about the nature of the demand.

YS Jagan, who is under investigation for several cases of corruption, and money laundering  has started an indefinite fast at Chanchalguda jail yesterday. His YSR Congress party is in the forefront of the anti-Telangana protests in Seemandhra.

Telangana people have long been saying that the only a corrupt cartel of Seemandhra businessmen and politicians are obstructing the Telangana state. Today, Jagan’s leadership of Seemandhra protests proves that argument comprehensively.

YS Jagan is a classic example of the criminal nexus between businessmen and politicians from Seemandhra. Today, YS Jagan, along with a handful of Seemandhra businessmen and politicians are languishing in Chanchalguda after CBI arrested them in corruption cases involving several thousand crores.

Many plutocrats from Seemandhra have amassed huge wealth by indulging in all kinds of illegal affairs in and around Hyderabad. These plutocrats now fear that a new Telangana state would expose their misdeeds.This is also the precise reason behind their demand to make Hyderabad a Union Territory.

If Jagan, who is under investigation by several investigating agencies like CBI and ED is leading the “Samaikyandhra” demand, then it is not hard to understand how illegitimate that demand is.

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