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By: Ram Mohan

Farmers in Ankapur village reap four crops in a year, which generally takes their counterparts by surprise

Unity in the farming community and commitment to work are instrumental in aiding the success of farmers in this model village in Armoor mandal, which has made headlines several times.

Farmers in this village reap four crops in a year, which generally takes farmers coming from other parts of Telangana by surprise. Exactly the same happened to a group of 50 farmers, who arrived from different villages of Mahabubnagar district under the banner of the Jadcharla Farmers Society as part of their visit to the village on Thursday.

Expressing curiosity over the farming methods of Ankapur farmers, the visiting farmers said that they usually encounter a lot of weed in crops whereas here, it was not a problem at all due to the awareness prevailing among farmers. The way farmers here change the cropping pattern is worth being emulated by farmers in other parts, said Kasiram Goud, a farmer from a village near Jadcharla.

Farmers from Mahabubnagar district observing the farm pond at Ankapur in Nizamabad district

Deputy Director in the Agriculture Directorate, K. Ramulu, who coordinated the exposure visit, said that farmers, in order to constitute a model society in their area, had already visited Mulkanur society and now were in Ankapur. In the coming days, they would be taken to ICRISAT and Bengaluru for exposure to horticulture, he said.

Like in this village, if farmers of other villages too generate their own seed, fertilizers and learn marketing methods to get remunerative prices for their produce, it would become profitable. “We want to enable farmers to focus on preparing organic manure for cost-effective and pollution-free farming,” he said.

One of the farmers in the group, Ravishankar, said that it was wonderful to learn that farmers here were producing only Irrigation Dry crops and not going in for paddy, thereby reducing dependence on water. He expressed surprise over the existence of three nationalised commercial bank branches in the village.

Source: The Hindu

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