Lagadapati Unfolds His Drama In Police Station

Lagadapati’s drama unfolded once again in Hyderabad today. Known for his instigating antics against Telangana, Lagadapati tried to dramatize his Samaikya stand much to amusement of public and media. Under the pretext of consoling the transport additional commissioner, he came to the RTA office in Khairtabad and started his united AP propaganda.

On learning this, Telangana transport employees gheroed him and asked to leave the premises immediately. However, the Seemandhra officers with the help of police got him into the office and pushed away the T employees. Leaders of the agitation, Harish Rao, Swamy Goud and Koppula Eshwar reached the RTA office in support of the employees and demanded that Lagadapati be sent away.

Instead, police was called in and these leaders were arrested. In the scuttle that ensued Harish Rao was injured and he became unconscious. Much to the shock of the agitators, mufty police attacked Swamy Goud and he was later shifted to Care hospital with severe lung and kidney injuries. At this juncture, sensing the anger of the agitators, police took away Lagadapati under tight security to Jubilee Hills police station. T agitators waited outside the Police Station to take him to task. Realizing this, Lagadapari did not dare to move an inch from the Police Station.

This is where our so called Gandhian heir started his drama. He sat in his car in the PS premises and was reluctant to move from there. The police had no choice but to tow his car away while he was still seated in it. Telangana agitators rained stones and shoes at his car and followed him till his house. After reaching his residence, Lagadapati started his hate speech against Telangana. This drama went on for hours and proved how Lagadapati is never out of ideas to entertain public.

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