KTR sets an example, refuses govt car & bungalow

Minister for IT and Panchayat KT Rama Rao has refused to use the “lal batti” car and official bungalow allotted to him.

He has decided to use his personal vehicle and also work out of his home in Nandinagar.

The Telangana state government had allotted a bungalow to the IT & PR Minister in the Ministers’ Quarters premises at Jubilee Hills.

However, the minister has decided to stay in his own house and convert a portion of it into his office.

KTR took charge as the IT and Panchayat Raj minister last week. He was spotted traveling in his own car, sans the usual convoy and “lal batti”.

At a time when leaders are used to unnecessary extravagance and show-off, KTR’s decision comes as a pleasant surprise. This is the real change that people of newly formed Telangana state want to see in their leadership.

We hope other Telangana leaders take a cue from this young leader.

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