KTR Reaffirmed My Faith In Humanity

For Kancherla Babu, a 22 year old driver working at the Telangana CM’s Camp Office, availing medical treatment after a freak mishap was a distant dream. Hailing from a lower middle class, his family tried every means possible in getting Babu treated. Babu’s reputation as a dedicated hard worker earned his employer’s grace. No sooner than a dew days after his accident had passed, the Telangana State’s Minister Mr K Taraka Rama Rao, personally took interest in Babu’s case and ensured that the accident victim avail all possible medical treatment facilities. Expenses incurred from the 13 day treatment were borne by the Minister himself personally.

The actions of the Minister had a profound effect on Babu and his social life. During a visit to the town of Sircilla on 18th, December 2016, Minister K T Rama Rao surprised everyone around him sidestepping official protocol and personally driving down to meet Babu and his family at home. The minister’s gesture and kindness resulted in an emotional outpour from Babu, his family and the people of his village at large.

Minister KTR enquiring about health Condition of Babu
Minister KTR enquiring about health Condition of Babu

Speaking to Mission Telangana, Babu said, “ I have heard and seen stories of children refusing to take care of their parents. In such an age of immorality, KTR garu’s efforts and sincerity in ensuring my wellbeing has reaffirmed my faith in humanity.” One cannot help but agree with Babu’s words. There is hope for humanity after all.

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