Why a remote village in Telangana is drawing world’s attention?

By: Rajesh Asopa

“When the people of Ibrahimpur unanimously elected me as the Sarpanch of the village, I wanted my effort to be visible to the entire country,” says K. Lakshmi Yadamma.

She adds, “Ibrahimpur village in Siddipet Mandal has been a new tourist destination & research center because of the villager’s efforts to provide purified drinking water for every individual with minimal amount of RS 50 per month, 100% sanitation facility, water conservation pit, mosquito free village and LED bulbs in all households have all been realized successfully.”

Water plant – Supplying purified drinking water at Rs 50 per month to every house hold.
Durgavva 57, Im glad we’re receiving purified drinking water displaying her ATW (Any Time Water) Card issued by Gram Panchayat

With 367 families and a population of 1227, this village located about 15 kilometers from the district headquarters Siddipet has won the Nirmal Puraskar Award of central government, Best Gram Panchayat Award, Swashaktikaran award among others.

Now, Ibrahimpur has been declared as a village with 100% cashless transactions village, after its people decided to make it cash less following the call of Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao.

Ramaswamy 38, Kirana Shop Owner, “Sir buy a bingo and pay me online.”
BR Venkata Rajyam, 41 adds we faced crunch for paper currency for initial few days, After we decided to take the transactions digital through Chillap App and swiping machines, Now, I accept even Rs 10 from my the buyers at Ration Shop.
Dwacra Groups extend their full support to Cashless Economy.
Narsiah , 28, “I drive an auto between Siddipet and Ibrahimpur, after demonitisation I was unable to get notes of smaller denominations, hence faced a lot of issues, after I moved to digital, my life got simpler.”

Irrigation Minister Sri T. Harish Rao has been actively participating in development activities of his adopted village, Ibrahimpur which also holds the record for highest number of plant samplings during the Harithaharam programme (Plantation of trees), more than 2 lakh saplings were planted last year. With 35 Solar Street lights, 25 Solar houses, LED bulbs across all households, the village aspires to become the first Solar Energy Village by 2017 adds Mr.Reddy, a resident of Ibrahimpur who is actively participating in the development of the village.

Solar House hold – 25 houses have been successfully converted into Solar House holds.
Solar Lamp – More than 200 Solar lamps have lit up the village.

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