KTR accuses minister Jupally of introducing factionalism in Kollapur

Bharat Rashtra Samithi Working President KT Rama Rao (KTR) accused the Congress party of fostering a culture of political murders in Telangana. He stated that Minister Jupally Krishna Rao is responsible for this culture in Kollapur.

KTR claimed that minister Jupally has introduced factionalism to Telangana in an unprecedented manner. He further alleged that the minister’s influence is behind two murders committed within four months. These atrocities would not have occurred without the minister’s support, KTR said. He demanded that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, if he possessed integrity, should immediately dismiss Minister Jupally Krishna Rao.

“This is not the first murder in this constituency,” KTR stated. Two people have been murdered within four months. Previously, Mallesh Yadav was killed, and now Sridhar Reddy has been murdered. The government should take responsibility for this heinous act. KTR reiterated his call for the sacking of Minister Jupally Krishna Rao, criticizing the Congress for its regime of revenge against those who did not support it in the elections.

KTR expressed his distrust of the local police, demanding their immediate suspension and calling for action against the responsible officers. He insisted on either an SIT or judicial inquiry into the murders. “The police were supposed to arrive within ten minutes of the incident but showed up an hour and a half later, playing the role of spectators,” KTR said.

“If the government and the minister truly have no involvement in this, they should cooperate with an impartial investigation.” He also alleged that the police were pressuring Sridhar Reddy’s father to avoid mentioning the minister’s name in any complaint.

KTR highlighted ongoing Congress attacks in rural areas, accusing the local police of being mere spectators. He warned that such a culture is detrimental to Telangana, emphasizing that such incidents had not occurred in the state over the past ten years. He threatened to mobilize thousands of supporters to besiege the homes of ministers and leaders if the government fails to respond to these killings and atrocities immediately.

KTR paid tribute to the body of BRS leader Sridhar Reddy, who was murdered in Kollapur, and visited his family. Boddu Sridhar, who was closely associated with former MLA Harshavardhan Reddy, was the victim. KTR assured the family that they would protect activists and support Sridhar Reddy’s family in every way possible.