KCR’s campaign swings public mood towards TRS

Station Ghanpur: Telangana Rashtra Samithi chief K Chandraseakhar Rao’s election campaign here on Friday has swung the public mood here and created a more conducive atmosphere for the party.

The TRS chief has conducted a road show on the streets of Station Ghanpur canvassing for the party nominee Dr. Thatikonda Rajaiah, who is contesting the by-poll, and addressed a public meeting. He appealed to the voters to throw out the Seemandhra parties from the region by voting in favour of TRS in the election.

He urged the people to reject the TDP and Congress parties saying both the parties promised to work for a separate Telangana statehood but subsequently duped the people. He accused the parties of exploiting the separate Telangana issue for their political mileage and defeated the aspirations of people.

He asked the people to think before voting in the by-elections and not to fall victims of the offers made by the Congress and TDP. “If you wish, you accept the money and others enticements offered by those parties but vote for TRS nominee,” he advised the voters.

“I request you all to give a huge majority to the TRS nominee and see that both the TDP and Congress candidates lose their deposits.” In a bid to attract the dalit voters, he said that not a single vote from dalit families in the constituency should be cast to TDP and Congress candidates.

“These by-elections are not ordinary ones. They are very crucial for Telangana statehood’s cause. It is a prestigious question for the people of Telangana,” he explained to the voters trying to convince of the importance of the by-elections.

Describing the party candidate Dr. Rajaiah as a Telangana martyr, Chandrasekhgar Rao asked public to vote for him as he resigned to his MLA post in accordance with the aspirations of the people. He reiterated the promises of providing land to dalits and free education from KG to PG.

TRS candidate Dr. Rajaiah, the party MLA D Vinay Bhaskar, former minister G Vijayarama Rao, the district unit president Peddi Sudharshan Reddy and the leaders of different joint action committees were present.

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