KCR vs Modi in vision

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has taught a lesson to us but will our leaders learn?
Thousands of students from different states are going to various smaller countries to pursue medical education. Because we lack colleges here and few in private are unaffordable. Despite the cost, the parents send their children spending nearly one crore rupees which will be double or even more here.
For an over 100 crore population, there are just 538 medical colleges with about just 76000 seats. What happens if the government sets up another 500 or 1000 colleges following changing times and needs?
Recently Mr Modi’s government sanctioned a mere about 165 colleges but discriminated some states like Telangana.
But the Telangana chief minister Mr KCR had daringly decided to set up nine medical colleges at one stroke. This not only fulfills the aspiration of youth to become a medical professional but strengthens the health and medical sector in the state forever.
The leader should be visionary, brave and beyond narrow-mindedness.
China, the Philippines, many commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are offering medical education at affordable rates and lakhs of people from Indian states are joining th through agencies. This is resulting in loss of foreign exchange. Then why doesn’t the government set up more colleges and make medical education affordable?
Now the Russian war against Ukraine is forcing the Indian government and state governments to bear the expenditure of bringing back the students stranded there in the conflict zone.
Lots could be saved and institutions could be improved if only leaders behaved timely and properly like Mr KCR who is setting medical colleges in most backward areas.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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