CM KCR intensifies his efforts building an anti BJP force.


The Telangana chief minister Mr KCR has intensified his efforts in building an anti BJP force.
He reportedly closeted with election strategist Mr Prashanth kishore and actor Mr Prakash Raj and geld detailed discussions. The duo later visited the recently commissioned huge reservoir Mallannasagar to witness the development Telangana made in the recent period since TRS assumed power.
Mr Prashanth Kishore has been meeting leaders across the country to forge a new alliance against ruling BJP at centre. Actor Mr Prakash Raj is a strong opponent of BJP and its divisive politics.
However as is being stated by a section of media, Mr KCR doesn’t need anybody’s help to retain his power in Telangana and Mr Prashanth Kishore helping is just a pigment of imagination.
Mr KCR might use his relations with the duo in meeting other leaders and explore the possibility of winning next Parliament seats more than the BJP.
Mr KCR has already been in touch with various leaders across the country. More development on the issue could be witnessed after March 10 when the election results in five states are declared.
At home front Mr KCR and his TRS party are very comfortable and they have no challenging force as of now at least for the next decade. The visible development and welfare schemes that have benefitting the lakhs of people.
The BJP in the state does not have a base at ground level while the Congress party remains a divided house with leaders sabotaging their own party out of jealousy. There is no strong force to defeat the TRS party in Telangana for now.
Mr KCR is an astute person gifted with beautiful articulation and knowledge of things. In Telangana there is no person matching him in his competencies.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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