KCR strikes a chord with industrialists

The first tryst of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao with the local industry bodies here on Tuesday turned to be a win-win affair as it helped the government to gauge expectations of the industry while few sections of the industry were able to get some sops.

The exercise was more than satisfactory to most of those who spoke on behalf of industry associations as the Chief Minister responded spontaneously on several issues, cleared their doubts and offered some benefits. Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao’s plain speak on issues related to levy of taxes, particularly on cotton by-products, and his offer to reduce taxes if they were lesser in neighbouring States, helped him win over the entrepreneurs instantly.

Most of the concerns and problems raised at the meet by the representatives of the industry include power problem, high rate of land, variations in taxes compared to neighbouring States, problems in getting clearance from pollution control board. The Chief Minister assured them of addressing all concerns. “Some Union Ministers and Governor spoke to me recently and complimented the government’s approach in attracting investments. While recommending some investors to the State they (Union Ministers) had told me that the same investors had come to the State in the past but they went back as the government heads then wanted a share in the investments,” the Chief Minister told the industry associations to drive home his point that his government would not indulge in such practices.

The Chief Minister did not hesitate in pointing out the problems created by some industries point blank when he stated that he was aware how some pharmaceutical/chemical companies were pumping hazardous waste into the deep soil by sinking bore wells. The interaction session with industry bodies also had some lighter moments as the Chief Minister burst into laughter when Basi Reddy of the animation and gaming industry said he would keep the idol of KCR in his home if the Chief Minister made the State corruption-free.

source: The Hindu

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