KCR Promises Aid for Pratyusha

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday along with his wife Shobha Rani and daughter and Nizamabad MP K Kavitha, visited Prathyusha, the girl who was tortured by her father and step-mother, at the Global Hospital in LB Nagar.

Rao, who brought fruits for Pratyusha, invited her to his home to stay with his family after she is discharged from the hospital. The girl recalled how she was tormented by her father and step mother and how she wished they never get out of prison. “They still come in my dreams and beat me up.I am still scared of them,” she told the CM following which he promised her safety and said that the duo will be served appropriate punishment as per the law.

KCR assured the girl of the government’s support for her treatment and gave her courage. The expenses of Prathyusha’s treatment will be borne by the government, the chief minister said.

He also handed over some money for her expenses and inquired with the doctors about her recovery. They informed Rao that she is still weak and needed to stay in the hospital for a few more days. He instructed RR district collector Raghunandan Rao and Cyberabad Police Commissioner CV Anand to take care of her.

When Prathyusha informed the CM about her wish to study BSc Nursing,he immediately agreed to it. Home minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Cyberabad police commissioner CV Anand, Rangareddy district collector Raghunandan Rao were present

KCR’s Message to Prathyusha: “Forget whatever happened so far. Everybody has to face problems in life, we must face them and survive. There is a long life ahead and you must begin a new life. You must become strong enough to help people like you. The government will take care of your treatment, education. We will also provide you a house with government’s money. I will find a suitable boy and bear all expenses of your marriage. Never feel, you are alone. You come to my house once you are discharged. I will admit you in a good hostel and provide good education. Kavitha will be with you. Live with confidence, CM is behind you. I will provide police security to you. Home Minister, Nayani Narasimha Reddy will also help you.”

Source: The New Indian Express

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