KCR meets President Pranab

A delegation of TRS leaders, led by KCR met President Pranab Mukherjee yesterday night.

During the meeting, KCR sought Pranab’s blessings for Telangana statehood. KCR expressed confidence that the historic Telangana formation would be completed if it has the blessings of President. KCR also thanked Pranab for sending the statehood bill to Assembly.

The TRS delegation handed over a 10 page memorandum containing amendments that Telangana people are seeking in the statehood bill.

Photo: TRS delegation speaking to media after meeting Pranab

TRS leaders appealed to Pranab that Telangana should have all the rights and privileges that 28 existing Indian states are having.

The delegation explained that the statehood fight is for rightful share in public expenditure, jobs and river waters and the current bill is not fulfilling those aspirations.

The main amendments that the delegation sought in the statehood bill are as follows:

– Telangana state should have complete control over Hyderabad city.

– Employee pensions should be given based on their local region

– All non-local employees in Telangana region, who have violated zonal system should be repatriated.

– Telangana should have a separate High Court

– No separate board is required to share Godavari water

– Pranahita Chevella should get national project status


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