KCR is among three contenders to be next Prime Minister of India.


Much ahead of next general elections, the political scene in the country is witnessing fast change with who is after Modi?


Discussions having failed to patch up with the Congress, political strategist Prashanth Kishore is striving to build an alternative to both Congress and BJP and has been holding hectic parlays with Mamatha Benarjee and TRS, AAP and so on. He reportedly identified potential Prime Minister candidates of whom Aravind Kejriwal, KCR and Mamatha Benarjee seem to be on the top list. Mamata Benarjee may not like to leave her state and lose grip there. But Aravind Kejriwal may vie for the post but he seems to be novice compared to Mr KCR who is a seasoned politician and more senior in age and experience.

Moreover, KCR is adept at Hindi and English. Since he toured all south Indian states in the past trying to form an alternative political force, he has more acceptability compared to others.

Another advantage for Mr KCR is his party has leadership ready in the state as his son and IT minister Mr KTR is ready to take charge. Senior journalist Sekhar Gupta, editor of The Print in his video named Mr KCR as one one of the potential figures for the next Prime Minister of India.


As the BJP is fast losing its public patronage across the country angering farmers with farm laws and middle class by increasing fuel and essential commodities prices, chances of BJP are being doubted by one and all. The tricks being played to woo voters ahead of Uttar Pradesh polls and in other states may not work this time as people are vexed with the rhetoric of BJP on Desh Bhakti and other trivial issues that are irrelevant to the life of an average citizen.

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