Kaynes OSAT moves out of Telangana; KTR requests Congress govt to act

BRS Working President KTR urged the Congress government to reach out to Kaynes Outsourced Semi-Conductor Assembly and Testing (OSAT) unit amid reports that the proposed plant is moving from Telangana to Gujarat.

“We had put in tenacious efforts to convince Kaynes to move from Karnataka to Telangana. They wanted land allotted right next to the Foxconn plant at Kongara Kalan. We got that done in less than 10 days to win them over. Now, seeing this news that they are moving to Gujarat is truly saddening,” wrote KTR on ‘X’.

KTR requested the Congress Government to reach out to Kaynes to ensure that they continue their plans in Telangana. Kaynes OSAT unit will be an important part of the overall electronics manufacturing ecosystem, specifically the semiconductor industry in Telangana.