Kavitha for Gender-specific Entrepreneurship Policy

Stating that the government is striving to make Hyderabad the next Silicon Valley, Nizamabad MP Kavitha has rooted for a gender-specific entrepreneurship policy for aspiring women entrepreneurs in the country.

Speaking at the ‘Angel Summit’ organised by the Angel Hub here on Saturday, Kavitha said, “Currently in India, women-led startup companies are only 6 per cent of the total, whereas in the US it is 21 per cent. In order to improve this percentage a gender-specific entrepreneurship policy in our country.

Also, the state and central governments should hold hands and make sure that enough capital is available to the startups.

“Acute need for change of policies to facilitate entrepreneurship with regard to easing the norms in the capital market, better tax incentives for entrepreneurs and even greater incentives if it is a woman entrepreneur should be provided.”

Kavitha stressed the need for women to think beyond micro enterprises. “According to a survey conducted by a private business firm, 98 per cent of women-owned enterprises are micro and 78 per cent of them are in the service sector. To change this scenario there is a need for women to think beyond micro enterprises and venture into medium and large-scale industries.”

Call for Changes in Constitution

“Although our Constitution is robust, changes should be made to make it apt for the present scenario,” Kavitha said. “The constitution is not futuristic as Dr Ambedkar probably did not predict that there will be so much development of IT. Policymakers need to make lots of changes to the Constitution,” she said.

Source: The New Indian Express

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