Who pushed LIC, SBI into private investment? KTR asks

The Adani group that lost huge money in stocks badly affected the public sector institutions LIC and SBI.
They both reportedly lost Rs. 77,000 crore and Rs. 80,000 crore respectively.

Taking to Twitter, the minister asked who forced the institutions to invest in Adani group. The minister was responding to the Hindenberg report.

KTR wrote, “There are serious questions that need to be answered by the NPA Govt on Hindenburg Report. Why do LIC & SBI have such large exposure ₹77,000 Cr & ₹80,000 Crore to Adani group stocks? Who pushed them to do so?”

Mr KTR wanted the NDA government at the centre to come out with an answer to the public. He also wanted to know who helped whom in the entire episode.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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