Kaleshwaram Project helps tap Pranahita waters, CM KCR’s dream comes true

The stupendous Kaleshwaram Project was re-designed and placed at such a spot that Telangana state is able to tap the Pranahita river water to fight the drought-like situation now. The project helps the state to tap waters from rivers Godavari and Pranahita. However, there was no water in the river Godavari for the past one month. Even if there was no water, it would only be released after filling up all the projects in Maharashtra state up above the stream.

However, plenty of water is now available in the Pranahita river which the Telangana state is able to tap to fill all the projects, reservoirs and tanks. The flow of water in canals, projects full of water and tanks to the brim with water presenting a bewitching spectacle. People living in nearby habitations were thronging to see the gushing waters and thanked visionary Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao who made it all possible.

Proving the cynics wrong, the irrigation department officials kept 35 motors whirring all the time pumping Kaleshwaram water. From the Laxmi pump house, water is pumped into the Gayatri barrage, Saraswathi and Parvathi barrages. From there, it is diverted to the FloodFlood Flow Canal. All the pump houses en route are being filled and the SRSP rejuvenation project as well. Engineer-in-chief Nalla Venkateswarlu and his team of officials were overseeing the operations at ground level.

Unlike in the past when Godavari waters flowed into the sea untapped by Telangana, now foolproof plans were made to tap every drop by building reservoirs, medium irrigation projects and restoring the defunct village tanks across the state. CM KCR through his efforts had driven away the drought from the state forever as the Kaleshwaram project waters are made available throughout the year. It can avert any shortage or drought in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao