Mission Telangana

Japanese company Taikisha to expand its operations in Telangana

Taikisha Ltd a 110-year-old Japan-based Engineering Company, Taikisha acquired Nicomac Cleanrooms
Taikisha is a pioneer in setting up cleanrooms and HVAC for Electronic Devices, Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing, Food Industry (Hydroponic Farming).
The company manufactures & constructs Cleanroom facilities for pharmaceuticals and vaccines in sterile industries. The company’s cleanrooms are installed in all major pharmaceutical industries in India and abroad.
The company is presently operating two manufacturing units at IDA Bollaram, Hyderabad
Nicomac Taikisha Cleanrooms Private Limited is proposing to set up a third manufacturing facility, to expand its Cleanrooms production and to start producing HVAC systems by transferring technology from Japan. For this purpose, the company has plans to invest Rs 126.22 Crores The production output from the new manufacturing facility will cater to Indian, Japanese and Asian markets.
Nicomac Taikisha Cleanrooms Private Limited plans to explore the possibility of creating a major manufacturing base for its entire product range, in the state of Telangana, to meet the demand of the Indian as well as the export market.

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