BJP leaders should talk about the declining rupee, not about poor Hindi, MLC K Kavitha

Lashing out at the BJP, the BRS MLC K Kavitha said the BRS is the only alternative to BJP in the country. The leader should stop heckling the Telangana leaders about poor Hindi and instead talk about the declining value of the rupee.
As Modi heckled Mamatha Benarjee, the BJP MP Bandi Sanjay is heckling the Telangana leaders. The BJP leader insulted the Batukamma terming it a disco dance. It is humiliating the people of Telangana and it reflects the moral bankruptcy of the leader. “I worked very hard and it took me 12 years to hoist Batukamma on Burj Khalifa. There were days when women shied away from participating in Batukamma festivities. But on my part, I strove to make it a pride of Telangana.
The raids by IT, CBI, and ED are part of the conspiracy by the BJP against the opposition parties and leaders in the country.
Despite the dirty tricks and conspiracies of BJP, the BRS will bring the pro-farmer government in Centre.
Referring to the BJP MP Aravind’s challenge, the BRS leader K Kavitha said she would contest the elections as per the direction of party leader Mr KCR but she would campaign against Aravind and ensure his defeat for sure.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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