Jaipal Reddy’s ‘his foot in his own mouth’ syndrome

Sri. Jaipal Reddy, the lone union cabinet Minister from Telangana did it again. We all know that he was suffering from ‘his foot in his own mouth’ syndrome, when he said; ‘he is a nationalist, not regional or sub-regionalist’ in Gandhi Bhavan, in a meeting felicitating an andhra congress leader some time during the last year. After the battering he has received from Telangana people on the incident, we thought that he has recovered from the syndrome.

Alas! No! He proved to be incorrigible and did it again in Rajamundry.

We don’t know why he gets so much excited and always exhibits this syndrome in the company of andhras, the ‘betenoir’ of Telangana. His track record in 1969 also indicates the same tendency. When he does not think it proper to talk about Telangana in the company of Telanganites, how can he make such demoralizing comments on Telangana in the middle of Andhra? Is it his ‘perverted intellectual candor’ or ‘political cronyism’ of the majority?

Whatever it be, these mean punches below the belt of Telangana by this ‘honcho’ are unpardonable. He is worse than ‘andhra chauvinists’ blocking the creation of Telangana and a ’persona non grata’ to whole of Telangana region.

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