Survey predicts TRS sweep in Byelections

A latest survey by a city-based research organization only confirmed the worst fears of Congress and TDP. Both these parties are staring at humiliating defeats in the upcoming by-elections.

TRS is all set to sweep the by-elections to 5 constituencies, said Centurion Data Stragies Pvt Ltd (CDSPL) the research organization that conducted the poll. Nagam Janardhan Reddy, contesting as an independent candidate in Nagar Kurnool will also retain his seat, thanks to TRS and the invincible Telangana sentiment.

Contrary to a rumoured belief that South Telangana is an uncharted territory to TRS, the latest poll revealed that it’s going to be a pinkish hue soon.

The survey concluded that TRS would garner 57.3% vote share, leaving Congress, TDP and others fighting for the rest. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if all the other parties would struggle to retain their deposits. Even as the countdown for the polling day begins, there might be an approximately 10% vote share swing in favour of TRS, over and above the current share. This would mean a complete rout of hypocritical parties who tried to cheat the Telangana people with their false promises.

CDSPL survey also had an interesting dimension that a simple extrapolation of the polling trends to all 119 seats in Telangana would fetch 100+ seats to TRS. Let alone Congress or TDP, the much touted YSRCP will not get anything more than a single digit percentage.

The survey was held in 7 assembly constituencies in Telangana (including Parakala). Each assembly constituency was taken as an unit and respodents were voters in that partuclar constituency. It was ensured that men and women were equally represented in the survey sample.

Here is how the vote share might look like in each assembly constituency.

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