It’s Economics Stupid! – Part One

Photo: Police arrest an Osmania student during Telangana Samara Deeksha. Street protests should be coupled with hitting the roots of those forces that are opposing Telangana

By Soonya

The people of Telangana keep wondering why these Seemandhra folks do not let go of Telangana?

And how come the Delhi Peddalu, sorry Gaddalu keep turning a deaf year to the deafening and legitimate cries of Telangana for a de-merger?

Then I remembered what the Americans love to say – ‘It’s economics stupid!’

Hmm, all the Marxist analysis and paralysis is on one side and the simple American saying on the other says it all!

Telangana is a milch cow. Hyderabad is like Marijuana or should we say cocaine?

Ask any doctor who is trying to wean an addict away from his drugs. He’d tell you the ingenious ways the addict figures to keep the dope going.

He would tell lies, he will steal, and he would not hesitate to kill some one if he does not get his daily dose of the drug.

Our Seemandhra politicos and their servant class in Telangana, the el-Cheapos who’ll put a canine to shame, are all victims of this drug called money and its first cousin power.

While it is important to wage ‘class wars’ like our left brothers keep saying, or to organize the people to protest with Samara Deeksha’s and many other deeksha’s it is vital to understand the mind of Gandhi in devising his strategies against the British.

He figured out that the way colonialism as practiced by the British works in a simple way – take raw materials from here and manufacture goods in Britain and sell them at huge profits in India to Indians.

Obviously to lubricate their business to run without friction, Macaulay created a new class of Babus who were more British than the British and enslaved the mind a few generations, and those who were not willing to be enslaved and had independent minds, the police and coercive machinery and the supine and biased Judiciary helped.

Is it any different to day?

Let’s us come back to our ‘its economics..’ story.

The primary import was Manchester woven factory cloth. The enemy was clear. And Gandhi went into overdrive – he asked people to shun foreign goods – and offered an alternative. The charka and khadi.

The Charkha became the symbol against the British colonialism. Burning foreign cloth became a symbol of protest. It is another story and a shameful thing that the party that carries Charkha on its party’s flag is an apologist of exploiters and neo-internal-colonialists! And is reflected in the arrogance of the party’s son-in-law’s comment about ‘Mango people’ or Aaam Aadmi!

Now it is time for us to figure out the keys to the neo-internal-colonialism in AP. We need to figure out what symbolizes this exploitation.

I am sure it would not be so easy as it was in the 1930s! Or would it be so apparent as Manchester or Glasgow woven cloth.

The new industrial and capitalist society creates newer and more sinister and invisible forms of exploitation.

But I am unwilling to believe that it would be impossible to figure out and crack it. Many of our young kids, thanks to Ramaiah‘s classes crack the much difficult IIT!

Let the Telangana folks put up their thinking hats and figure out how does the enemy feed and fatten himself. Hit at that and he shall sing.

So folks keep the wheels of your thinking get cranking. Fill our media (T-News, Namasthe Telangana, MissionTelangana) pages with your insights as to how the enemy works and how does his food cycle work.

We just have to throw some spanners into the works. And watch the fun.

No need to commit suicides, – for the enemy does not have a heart. No need to shout on the streets – for the enemy is deaf. Do not try to be brave, the enemy has helmets, bullet proof vests to protect and fiber-glass canes to beat you and water cannons to drench you and tear-gas canisters to lob at you.

The enemy has mass-produced razor wire to stop you in your tracks.

No point in hurting yourself trying to walk on these razor wires, pushing the barricades, raising slogans till our lungs hurt. The enemy is brazen, shameless, inhuman at the best and satanic at the worst.

However the enemy needs to breathe. Cut his oxygen off.

Now if it were so easy to figure where the cylinders and where the pipes are, life would have been very easy. We need to figure it out.

I am confident that the Telangana movement which has been so creative so far to offer new forms of struggle, and new forms of protest, has the creative juices and the intellectual bandwidth to figure it out.

The constraints my friends, are as follows – the methods must be acceptable in the framework of democracy and must be actionable.

I am sure we will find it.

Here is a clue – CSE and Sunita Narain have laid bare the conspiracy of a Jagadapati in cornering Solar subsidies and licenses!

And MissionTelangana site has offered a link to it.

It’s elementary my dear Watson! Time to be a Sherlock Holmes!

Here are a few riddles you can try solving and probably we will find the Achilles heel of the enemy.

How would a KayVeePEE launder his money? Where would he save it? How would he bring it into the country? Who paid for the Rajmandi meeting? How much did it cost?

How does a Bochha make money? How does a liquor empire work? I am sure if you have a camera you can capture the modus operandi in Andhra. Our Andhra brothers are so dumb that they do not see their own internal enemy! Instead a verbose Andhra student leader keeps talking meaninglessly. I am told he is a PhD student, am not too sure what the subject is.

How come a driver of a local (Hyderabadi) leader who used to drive a second hand Willy’s jeep with big PA system suddenly drive an Audi Q5? Vishnu must know!

Now do not tell me all CA’s are sharp and all scoundrels are brilliant! Then a Raju would not have been caught or a Rajat would not be anticipating a jail term in US or a Raja would not have cooled his heels in the box!

Where are they crossing the line?

Who would be interested in publishing? Whose TRP ratings are low? Who is desperate for a story?

Its economics stupid!

(To be continued) 


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