Its a great whodunit!

A satire on the Telangana All-Party Meeting

By: Soonya

SA1: We agree to disagree.

SA2: We disagree to disagree with you

SA1: We demand a further meeting to clarify

SA2: We will call a meeting shortly

SA1: First you tell your stand, then we will tell you whether we wish to stand or sit

SA2: Pehle aap!

SA1: Nahin, Pehle AAP!

Home Minister: Since there is disagreement over agreement and disagreement, it is decided to put in cold storage. Let the new HM take care of the problem

New HM: I did not have time to study the problem, can we have a short presentation from all the parties pl?

SA1: We have already sent a letter, in BC 2008, and again in BC 2009, and again BC 2010 and recently we shot a letter to the PM

SA2: We will tell when Delhi tells its stand, right now our leader is sitting in incarceration.

Innocent bystander, what is in the letters sir?

It is a stately secret. You ask them to share it with you.

Delhi: We cannot share as it is official and came in a sealed cover and we have no tools to open it.

What a drama! The Oscaar committee decided to give awards for the best entertaining saga under the foreign entries ‘The All Par T meeting – The deceptive democrats’.

New Oscaar prizes for

Best Debut and New Face

The young party and its leaders

Best Direction

Actually is shared by Sentra Bob Noi Doo and Susy L Sin Day on behalf of Soh Near Gun Dee (as the one of the directors Ms. Gun Dee was indisposed and could not take it in person)

Best Comedian

Bowt Saar Shot Yam

Best Supporting Actors

The T Con-Grass yempee’s who sincerely portrayed the role of wronged members and for delivering their dialogues so well and for their investment as producers of the entertainment of ‘The All Par T meeting – The deceptive democrats’.

Best Character Actor/s

Playing the cameo role of ‘third gender’, specially recommended by the middle gender association for rendering the role so sensitively, and the role of the impotent man who struggled to express his anguish in such a pathos generating role.

Rag Guv Loo and Zoo Gan T Wronger Red Dee

And all the SA forward looking forward farming castes from K district, felicitated Mr. Loo for understanding the underdevelopment of Telengana and still bravely sticking to the ancient principles of VishaAndhra, another association for preserving Jurassic thoughts also felicitated for not allowing dead ideas from dying.

Mr. Zoo was also felicitated by the Red Dee clan for protecting the interests of SA and actually appreciated his sincere rendering of the struggle of the man who had to live and struggle with impotence.

What a brilliant farce produced! What brilliant production values! What brilliant actors!

For the first time the committee awarded for the Best Stunt performed

Stuntman Mr. Oh We See!, was given the best jury award for the special and difficult stunts performed for the film.

I am happy that the year is ending with such a crop of Oscaar awards for us Telugu people.

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