Telangana Issue – Conflict Resolution Analysis

By: Vishwaroop

In Management course “Conflict Resolution” is an important subject that every management student, manager will learn at some point of time. A conflict can be resolved easily if each party exchanges their own concerns, understands other party’s concerns and respect other’s rights. If concerns are exchanged both parties can try to find a cooperative solution that addresses all concerns and achieve a win-win solution. However if one party tries to hide their concerns, conflict can never be resolved.

If an employee is fed up with management and tries to leave a company then his manager will have a meeting with employee and tries to understand the concerns of the employee. If manager wants to retain the employee, manager assures the employee that his concerns will be addressed during coming months. If some concerns cannot be met due to organizational limits then manager tries to explain the same. On the other hand if manager feels that there is no point in attempting to retain the employee then he will let the employee go. Same thing happens even if brothers wants to get separate or a partner in a business firm wants to separate. However in Telangana conflict this is not happening in all these years. When one party wants to separate, the other party instead of trying to understand the first party’s concerns, they abuse, they ridicule the other party’s concerns and they try everything to ensure that other party can’t separate.

Telangana leaders have expressed concerns for their demand in various forums and those are well documented. The primary reason for the demand is discrimination of ruling class in river water allocation, funds allocation in budget,injustice in employment, promotions, cultural supremacy, manipulation of history etc.

However those who are opposing Telangana state and preaching for united state have never attempted to understand concerns of Telangana. They never exchanged their concerns in case of division. They never respected the right of Telanganaites demand for separate statehood.

Samaikyandhra proponents always try to say that the concerns expressed by Telanganaites are incorrect and try to come up with their own version of manipulated statistics. What is the reason why they never tell their own concerns in the conflict? Is it that they do not have any concerns or is it that their concerns cannot be told openly?

If Samaikyandhra proponents do not have any concerns then there is no reason why they should oppose the demand of Telangana. So we can understand that they have some concerns but they are not able to express due to their own reasons.

Instead of coming up with their real concerns in the division, samaikyandhra proponents talk about some absurd, imaginary theories: “telugu jathi aikyatha”, “if divided we go back 50 years in development”, “anna thammula madhya chicchu”. All these are meaningless and do not hold before logic.

Is river water issue the concern? There are several rivers whose waters are shared among states and even countries, with supervision of tribunals in allotment of waters. Only intra-region water sharing is an issue because discrimination is happening in allotment of water between regions of same state since there is no independent authority to supervise water distribution in such a case.

Is Hyderabad the real issue? This can be easily resolved considering geographical, historical aspects and previous examples.

Is safety of Andhraites in Hyderabad an issue? The constitution of India gives right to live anyone peacefully in any place in India.

None of the above are real concerns of Samaikyandhra proponents and they won’t even talk about those. Their real issue is their real estate interests in Hyderabad and surrounding areas, their illegally occupied lands, securing civil contracts of Govt projects in Telangana, excess river water share that they are enjoying now by means of holding power. None of these reasons can be told publicly as they only expose the evil nature of Seemandhra leaders. This is the reason Samaikyandhra proponents can never express their concerns in this conflict. They think that by ensuring that conflict won’t be resolved they can see that status quo is maintained and they keep reaping the benefits in status quo.

Fortunately in a democracy they cannot control their power forever and ultimately people decide their destiny. When such day comes these are the ones who suffer largely when common folks from both sides will be happy.

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